mysterines botw.jpg

Introduce yourselves…

Lia, George and Chrissy 

Describe your sound in five words...

Chrissy: Loud x5

What inspired you to start a band?

Lia: Well I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember, I started learning guitar when I was about 8/9 to accompany short poems I used to write as a kid and then when I was about 14 I got really consumed by it all and realised this is what I want to do with my life , I couldn’t wait to fuck school off to do it so from that I formed early days Mysterines. I guess nothing inspired me to do it, it was just natural to me, I never really looked at a band who I loved and thought I want to do that or be like them, I just did it anyway...but I suppose as I did really fucking hate school that fundamentally sparked the beginning of the band, I just wanted something else to do haha. 


Lia: Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul Simon,  Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, PJ Harvey, Patsy Cline.... I have many and they change all the time.

Highlight of your career so far...

Lia: I don’t really have one, people turning up to come and watch us is good enough, especially when they know the words, then I’m really freaked out ..

Chrissy: Hearing us on the radio when I’m in work

George: The Miles Kane tour we did last summer and hanging out with Ben from Royal Blood and Paul Weller, as I love their music 



Best three new bands / tunes...

Lia: There’s so many great new bands and artists out at the moment. Little Simz is unbelievable, I seen her live at the BBC Radio 6 festival in Liverpool a few weeks ago and she was just captivating. 

Little Simz - Venom 

I really like Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard as well, ‘Late Night City’ is a fucking TUNE. 

Sharon Van Etten’s new album is amazing too, ‘Comeback Kid’ is beautiful, could be one of my favourite songs of all time already haha.

Best band ever seen...

Chrissy: Arctic Monkeys probably at Leeds Festival 

George: The Who at The Echo Arena 

Who are your Heroes and villains...

Lia: My hero...I love Cher she’s unreal , takes no prisoners, takes no shit, gets stuff done, sings boss tunes.  Villains hmmm, I do love a sneaky villain, I admire how tactical they are and their outfits.. in films they always dress well better than the heroes haha. I’d have to pick favourite villains and say (although fictional characters ) Eric Draven from The Crow and Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Chrissy: My heroes are probably Jimmy Iovine and Neil Young- and villains fuck knows... Adele. 

George : My hero is Steve Marriott from the Small Faces he's the coolest person to grace this earth and has the best voice ever and my villain would have to be the fella who created crocs like what the fuck was he thinking.

Karaoke song...

Chrissy: The Whole of The Moon - The Waterboys

Lia: My voice is so loud that I can’t do karaoke, people just think I’m taking it too serious ... the gift and the curse strikes again .. whilst all you motherfuckers are out here enjoying a bit of karaoke , I’m condemned to mime the classics.  

George: Karaoke song would have to be Ladies night by kool and The Gang 

Plans for 2019...

Lia : GIGS GIGS GIGS GIGS GIGS, maybe release another 2 singles if people still care LOL.

“proper rock and roll, a smidgen of grunge and a bucket of attitude.” Getintothis

“punchy, tight-knit, psych-rock groove” Hard Of Hearing

“talent, authenticity and raw energy” Northern Exposure