New Order 'Blue Monday'

“cos' Peter Hook's Morris one bass part makes me feel warm inside.”

 Beats International 'Dub Be Good To Me'

“cos' I wanna play reggae and this is nearest I can get without somebody moanin' at me.”

Blur 'Song 2'

“cos' I like screaming out loud me”

The Cure 'Boys Don’t Cry'

“we do. I love crying me. Mad for a cry.”

Aretha Franklin 'Respect'

“she’s recently departed and we love her.”

Iggy Pop 'Lust for Life'

“Pure banger and makes everyone pogo like a nutter.”

David Bowie 'Rebel Rebel'

“for all his avant garde stuff he did rock n roll as good as anybody.”

The Beatles 'Taxman'

“cos' it’s one of the few out n out danceable Beatles tunes.”

MGMT 'Kids'

“it reminds me of being stoned off my kipper in a field. Happy memories.”