‘Best of Reverend & The Makers’ a double vinyl, double CD and Digital download album released through Cooking Vinyl on September 20th 2019.

‘Best of Reverend & The Makers’ includes the bands singles and fan favourites, along with two new songs ‘Elastic Fantastic’ (featuring Rich Westley from The Moonlandingz) and previous single, ‘Te Quiero Pero.’  Both songs are available now when you preorder the album from

‘Best Of Reverend & The Makers’ TRACK BY TRACK

Disc 1. ‘UPPERS’

1. Silence Is Talking (‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ 2009) SINGLE

“This was written after the Iraq war and me asking why so many people in the public eye stayed quiet about the matter. Yet weirdly it’s massive party banger.”


2. Heavyweight Champion Of The World (‘The State Of Things’ 2007) SINGLE

“A tale of frustration and wasted lives and the anger that sets in when u think you’ve wasted your shot at escaping the rat race.”


3. Bandits (‘The State Of Things’ 2007)

“I used to be a bit addicted to gambling. Straight out of work and the full pay packet in the fruit machine.  It’s a little mini Sheffield soap opera.”


4. MDMAzing feat. Howard Marks  (‘@Reverend_Makers’ 2012)

“I knew Howard from partying in Ibiza and this is me him and Matics ode to all things hedonistic.”


5. Shine The Light (‘@Reverend_Makers’ 2012)

“Again on the gambling theme. My mum always tells me how she’ll spend the winnings and so I thought it’d make a good concept for a tune.”


6. Bassline (‘@Reverend_Makers’ 2012) SINGLE

My reaction to the death of indie and the rise of electronic music. That feeling of waiting all week till Friday to get mashed and one for the weekend warriors.”


7. Black Widow (‘Mirrors’ 2015) SINGLE

“About a friend who has fallen for a bit of a devil.”


8. Makin’ Babies (‘Mirrors’ 2015) SINGLE

“I wrote this the day I found out I was to become a father. It’s me asking Laura , “shall we have one too then.”


9. Out Of The Shadows (‘@Reverend_Makers’ 2012) SINGLE

"This was me cheering up. The second album was so doomy and i almost los the plot. This is me being happy again.”


10. Mr Glassalfempty (‘Mirrors’ 2015) SINGLE

“A tongue in cheek song for our friend who’s a right grumpy git.”


11. Hidden Persuaders (‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ 2009)

“About consumerism and materialism. Based on the Vance Packard book of the same name.”


12. Open Your Window (‘The State Of Things’ 2007) SINGLE

About a couple of 18 year olds. The female goes to uni and despite her promises that they’ll remain an item, he knows he is losing her in mind body and spirit.”


13. Elastic Fantastic feat. Rich Westley (New Song 2019)

“A fantasy about killing Donald Trump with a bow n arrow.”


Disc 2. ‘DOWNERS’


1. Hard Times For Dreamers (‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ 2009)

“Me asking Laura if she will be the one to stick by me despite the world turning to shit.”


2. Long Long Time (‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ 2009)

“Basically about depression and wanting to run away.” 


3. The Beach And The Sea (‘Mirrors’ 2015)

"Sex song!”


4. No Soap (In A Dirty War) (‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ 2009) SINGLE

“Me saying that I don’t wanna live the same life that every other fucker round Sheffield does and that I want to leave my ex and spread my wings further than the city limits.”


5. Monkey See, Monkey Do  (‘The Death Of A King’ 2017)

“I’m a lad. I’m super alpha. And sometimes I’m not the best feminist. This is me saying I know I should do better.”


6. Sex With The Ex (‘The State Of Things’ 2007)

“Self explanatory. I hadn’t seen her for ages and it caught me off guard and then we were suddenly back in that place.”


7. Yes You Do (‘@Reverend_Makers’ 2012)

“Pure love song for my Mrs. I’m glad she loves me sorta sentiment.”


8. Something To Remember  (‘Mirrors’ 2015)

“Sepia, nostalgic trip down memory lane vibe about an old friend to whom I no longer speak.”


9. Last To Know (‘Mirrors’ 2015)

“Ed can tell u better but about a friend of ours whose partner was cheating and everybody knew but him.”


10. Auld Reekie Blues  (‘The Death Of A King’ 2017) SINGLE

“I was in Scotland with the Libertines and took loadsa MDMA. Next day I just wanted to be back home in bed with Laura n hide from the world cos I felt dreadful.”


11. What Goes Around (Acoustic Version)

“About a friend of mine who shits on people and it doesn’t mater what I say because he will get whats coming eventually.”


12. Black Flowers (‘The Death Of A King’ 2017) SINGLE

“About the slow death of a relationship . The bit before u decide to call it a day. The strangeness, but then about loving that person & them being the only one who can make u cry.”


13. Boomerang  (‘The Death Of A King’ 2017)

“About a mate who’s a real beg and a total blag. Always there, selling drugs and it seems u can’t keep him down.”


14. Te Quiero Pero  (New Song 2019)

“My attempt at a mad Mexican western song . Just fancied writing something that sounded really romantic for a change.” 

Fresh from playing the Main Stage at Coombe Weekender in Coventry this weekend, Reverend and the Makers play nine headline shows, ‘R&TM Best of Tour,’ in October and an Arena show at Leeds - First Direct Arena supporting Shed Seven on December 7th.



3rd       Thursday          Nottingham                              Rock City

4th       Friday               Portsmouth                              The Wedgewood Rooms

9th       Wednesday      London                                                Electric Ballroom

11th     Friday               Birmingham                              O2 Institute 2   SOLD OUT

12th     Saturday          Norwich                                    Epic Studios

17th     Thursday          Glasgow                                   Saint Luke’s

18th     Friday               Newcastle Upon Tyne              Newcastles University Students Union

19th     Saturday          Manchester                              Academy

25th     Friday               Sheffield                                  O2 Academy    SOLD OUT



7th       Saturday          Leeds                                      First Direct Arena (supporting Shed Seven)


Reverend and the Makers have achieved six UK Top 20 Albums and five Top Five Indie chart singles. Debut album ‘The State of Things’ (2007) included the UK Top Ten single ‘Heavyweight Champion Of the World.’ Second album ‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’ followed in 2009 and saw the band supporting Oasis on their final tour at stadiums across the UK and also a UK tour with fellow Sheffielders Arctic Monkeys. ‘@Reverend Makers’ appeared in 2012 followed by  ‘Thirty Two’ (Jon’s age at the time) in 2014. The critically applauded and adored by Noel Gallagher album ‘Mirrors’ was issued in 2015, a year that also saw the band supporting the Courteeneres and The Libertines at arenas across the UK and Europe. Reverend and the Makers latest album, ‘Death Of A King’ (2017), was produced by Dave Sanderson and recorded in Thailand, it debuted in the UK album chart at Number 11, their best chart placing since the debut album in 2007.