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superstars in ascension

Hands Off Gretel ‘i want the world’ out now 🔥 Catch ‘em on tour in April

“Hands Off Gretel want the world and on this form it’s theirs for the taking” Devolution

“attitude, quality and sheer joy” Three Songs and Out

“Their passion and integrity is endless” Thnksfrthrvw

“Ballsy attitude and a lust for chaos” Powerplay

“Beautifully brutal” Original Rock

“Infectious pop hooks and heartfelt punky angst” Louderthanwar

“extremely talented and versatile, and at the top of their game” Real Rock and Roll

“perfect soundtrack of sugar-coated grunge punk” Broadway World

“a ‘guts to glory’ masterpiece” Forkster

Introduce yourselves, Hands Off Gretel… We are Lauren Tate, Seán Bon, Sam Hobbins and Becky Baldwin a four-piece Alternative rock, Noise-pop band from South Yorkshire!

Describe your sound... I (Lauren) founded the band with Seán when I was 16. To be honest I started this band out of frustration as at that time being an angry teenager I felt like nobody was speaking to me. I was constantly searching for bands to inspire me and empower my sad litte soul. It dawned on me that I was wasting time searching, I picked up the electric guitar and started writing my own music and creating the sound I’d been wanting to hear.

Influences... we’re influenced heavily by the 90’s era of alternative rock bands like Hole, No Doubt, L7, Marilyn Manson and Nirvana. Taking influence also from pop artists like P!nk, we all have different influences thrown in there creating that blend of fuzz noise and melodic pop hooks. Sean and Lauren are the grungers, Sam’s the punk and Becky’s the metal head, we are all quite different musically. 

Highlight of your career so far... The back-to-back sold out album launch parties we did last weekend were a massive rush. Just seeing everyone singing the words back at us, it finally feels like all the hard work is finally paying off and people are taking notice. We can feel that buzz happening and it’s so exciting! Self releasing our new album ‘I Want The World’ and receiving amazing reviews including 4 K’s from Kerrang! Was a massive highlight, Sam’s new catch-phrase is ‘4 K’s mate’ which is hilarious. The fan reaction however is always the highlight, I think bands strive for approval from all these big names and kinda forget the most important thing is their fans. Just reading through all the fans messages over the weekend about the new album has been so heart-warming.

Ambitions... I want to be a role model. I hold such high expectations of myself because I’ve given myself no Plan B. It’s do or die. I want our new album to become a voice of a generation, for all the kids that felt outcast or weird; I want it to be their anthem. We want to tour America, tour Japan, tour the world eventually and get to meet and thank every fan that’s supported us from the very start! 

Best three new bands / tunes... 

We’re loving Nova Twins, Pussyliquor and Brooders right now! 

Pledge...fucked you over, made you stronger, right? You are making it happen, whatever obstacles in your way… 

Yeah we were devastated after such a successful and exciting campaign when we realised Pledge Music weren’t paying us 28K of the money we’d earned through pre-sales of our new album. It’s a huge amount of money for the fans to loose and like many other bands in the same boat we’ve had no contact or guidance through any of it. We re-directed fans to our own website and continued pre-sales there which meant the thousands of cd’s we sold weren’t able to chart anymore which is hard to swallow. Fans have requested refunds and had no communication either with only a handful of people actually getting their money back. Through all the shit though, like you say we we’re able to overcome this with the help and support of our fans. We still managed to get the album in the Top 40 Itunes Rock chart and ranked at #7 on google play rock chart. If anything it’s made our fan-base stronger now, with people around the world coming together to help us do it without Pledge Music.  

Dream zone..

A tea party where everyone is kids, I’d face paint Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley and have a game of Barbie’s with Courtney Love. I think that would be amazing because as kids we are way cooler and open minded, famous people scare me. 

Best band ever seen... 

We saw SLAVES live at Rebellion Festival 2 years back. They blew me away, the energy of just 2 people inspired the hell out of me. I’m still dreaming of the day we support them! I’m so glad they’re getting mainstream attention, gives me hope for punk rock.

Who are your Heroes and villains... Heroes are our fans who made our album such a success, and our manager Helen! The Villains are the little gremlins that live in Sean’s equipment and break everything when we’re not looking haha!

 Karaoke song...

Always Amy Winehouse!

Plans for 2019… Now that ‘I Want The World’ is finally released we are going to spend most of the year celebrating its birth on tour! Towards the end of the year we are getting out to some European dates, and somewhere amidst this touring and partying we’ll get back in the rehearsal room and start writing again!