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Despite only having one previously released song ("Hey Christo," released earlier this year) Blitz Vega have already begun to earn acclaim from critics. The Journal Gazette noted that ,"[Blitz Vega] delivers big driving tracks, guitar hooks, heavy beats, loops and live drums, much in the vein of bands like Kasabian and Primal Scream," while Spill Magazine simply stated, "Get ready for some damn fine music."

"A couple of years ago we talked about recording some songs together and Andy came over to LA and things just naturally progressed from there. It felt good & we surprised ourselves a little. The vibe just clicked for us instantly." KAV said regarding the formation of the band.

"Kav and I have bumped into each other on a more than regular basis over many years," agrees Andy. "We always had a mutual respect for each other and always talked about 'sometime in the future working on a project together'. It seemed we were always busy on other projects. Well, this year we finally got it together! The stars were aligned or something! We are so happy with the results and excited for all to hear."