Introduce yourselves…

Young Garbo are Garyn Williams (Vocals), Arwel Brown (lead guitar), Levi Ball (Bass Guitar) & Milo ‘Rowdy’ Rodell-John (Drums), and we are basically a group of 4 absolute chancers from South Wales that are tricking everybody in to thinking we can play decent music, when we have no idea what we are actually doing. 

Describe your sound in five words...
Different to anything else around.

What inspired you to start a band?
I remember watching Coldplay headline Glastonbury in 2011. Whatever you say about their music, Martin had the whole field and country in the palm of his hands and he could have gotten those people to have done whatever he said. I saw that and thought I could do it better. On Monday morning I went in to school and asked Arwel to be in my band. 

The four of us, all have different influences which in turn effects what we bring to each of our roles in the band. That mix is what has resulted in to the Garbo sound. For me personally with my lyrics, Shane MacGowan of the pogues and Joey Strummer are the main inspiration. 

Highlight of your career so far...
Getting signed to Creation23 by Alan mcGee. It’s a moment I doubt any of us will ever forget. 

The goal is to be the biggest band in Britain in the next few years. But to get there we just need to keep writing better songs and play bigger gigs. With more and more rehearsal in between we think we can have a real good go at it. 

Best three new bands / tunes...
Ivory Wave are fecking great. That song Cool Kids is incredible. We’re always gonna say Rubber Jaw. They’re not just our mates but they’re terrific song writers. Also in Cardiff there’s a band that do bilingual tunes and they’re called Chroma. They’ve got something very special. 

Dream zone...
Dream zone? Cardiff to catch Burnley and stay in the Premiere League next season.

Who are your Heroes and villains...
My musical heroes will always be Shane MacGowan, Jarvis Cocker, Dougherty and Strummer. I know it’s a bit random but I also love John Bramwell from I Am Kloot, too. 

In terms of villains I don’t concentrate on that. If music isn’t to my taste I just don’t listen to it, but respect it might be up other people’s street. Saying that, I can’t stand Barry Manilow. He can, DO ONE.

Karaoke song...
Mine and Levi’s karaoke song is and always will be Baggy Trousers by Madness. In physics class in year 8 I was singing it to myself while working, and I heard a voice on the table in front of me start singing along. He kid turned around and it was Levi. We’ve been best mates ever since and have won plenty of kareoke competitions with that tune. 

Plans for 2019…

Just keep doing what we’re doing and with the support of promoters like This Feeling, continue getting the band out and about the country to be seen and spread the YG love. While hopefully continuing to develop our sound and keep raising the bar with every song we write. 

“‘Faustus’ been one of the most get up out of your seats and addictive singles I’ve heard in a long time” Northern Exposure

“a cross between the best bits of The StreetsSlaves and The Rolling Stones” Counteract

“A magic show soundtracked by Happy Mondays” Popped Music

“fast earning themselves a reputation for being a must-see live act” Original Rock

“McGee has unearthed an absolute fucking peach of a band” Ramble On

Young Garbo were swiftly picked up by Alan McGee and no wonder. With addictive, fuzzed up tunes and a stage presence people are starting to talk about, these funk-punk mad geniuses are on track to becoming the next Welsh breakthrough.

Catch ‘em on tour with fellow Creation 23 acts Rubber Jaw (entry via donation to Musicians Against Homelessness):


14 Glasgow The Priory w/ Paris Street Rebels

15 Manchester Jimmy’s with special guests

16 London The Social w/ The Rezner

17 Cardiff The Moon w/ Jack Perrett

18 Colchester Three Wise Monkeys w/ RATS

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