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Introduce yourselves… 
We are Joe Maddocks, Harry Maitland, Michael Duncalf and Sam Taylor 

Describe your sound in five words... 
Scruffy, punchy, dirty indie rock. Proper shit. 

What inspired you to start a band? 
Joe: I saw a film about John Lennon when I was a kid and it made me get a guitar y'know 
Mikey: I was in a few bands before our manager Griff got in touch about a new project he was starting called RATS, it feels special because we were all there together at the start. 
Harry: Yeah the fact it's been us from the start is amazing really, we've all got a proper family dynamic. 

Cor for us it's The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Stone Roses and The LA's, we've left a fair few out for sure! 

Highlight of your career so far... 
Joe: Supporting Happy Mondays was definitely one, our This Feeling sold out show in Liverpool was another for sure. The atmosphere was unreal. BIG UP This Feeling for that one. 
Mikey: Isle Of Wight was one of the best weekends I've ever had, felt like something really amazing was happening! 

Joe: Glastonbury would definitely be up there for me! 
Harry: for me, it's just playing those big stages, as long as I'm on stage then I'm happy. 
Sam:  I try not to have massive expectations as all the expectations I did have before joining have already been overtaken massively. I'm buzzing for everything we have coming up! 

Best three new bands / tunes... 

Joe: Red Rum Club - Would You Rather Be Lonely or The K's  - Glass Towns for me! 
Mikey: cor and Gerry Cinnamon - Lullaby what a legend that guy is. 

Dream zone... 

Its main stage Glastonbury for all of us definitely, followed by an afterparty at a swimming pool with a wave machine and a cocktail bar. 

Best band ever seen... 

Joe: Stone Rose's at Etihad stadium man, never seen anything like that before! 
Harry: McFly in 2006 was heavy cause I was 6 but Depeche Mode at Isle Of Wight last year was proper big
Mikey: Between Royal Blood and Depeche Mode for me! 

Who are your Heroes and villains... 

Joe: Heroes its gotta be Joe Rogan and John Lennon. My only enemies are politicians, literally all of them. 
Sam: Aye it's the Liverpool FC lot for me as heroes, what a bunch. Cant stand traffic wardens y'know, definitely something about 'em

Karaoke song... 

Joe: we do a mean Ghetto Gospel by Tupac and Elts, I once got a free bar in Germany for singing Paolo Nutini as well. 

Plans for  2019  

We're sticking with our This Feeling gang for Truck Fest, YNot and a headline tour which should be massive! We'll also be supporting Scouting For Girls this year at Bardfest so it's looking insane at the moment!