Pretty Vicious @ Camden Assembly 12.3.19 © Liz Gander  LGA_2555.jpg



Words: Susan Hansen Photo: Liz Gander

Their thumping live shows have already gained them recognition, and rising quartet Al Moses’ Libertines-Oasis fusion worked its rocking wonders on the London crowd as they delivered their support set with attitude and presence. The band’s clever, playful style went down a storm.

Merthyr Tydfil’s punk-rockers Pretty Vicious’ live sets never ever disappoint, Tuesday night was no deviation, as the four-piece delivered a sweaty, blistering headline show at the Camden Assembly. Fully focused, they owned the stage with their trademark swagger, and they kicked off events by launching straight into Are You Ready For Me, followed by the lyrically-charged These Four Walls, a song which their frontman Brad Griffiths has described as being about ‘smashing up’ a venue.

Playing to a euphoric moshing crowd, who chanted and shouted out their lyrics, the venue didn’t get smashed up this time, but it came fairly close as things got sweaty, and their anthems National Plastics and Cave Song stimulated crowd-surfing and diving. Pretty Vicious ended their set with Are You Entertained signifying their unblemished youth and the addictive, mad and chaotic exuberance of their live shows.

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sea girls at heaven

Words: Elly Bailey Photo: Andrew Cooper

Sea Girls played a sold out headline show at Heaven last week (March 8) armed with a lively and euphoric set that lit up the audience. Apre, the support, set the scene nicely...they're an indie-pop band full of tunes and charm. Definitely ones to watch.

So, on to Sea Girls...who took to the stage with a dramatic walk on before launching into a rapturously well received set; hands in the air, mosh pits, mass terrace style singing/chants, all the signs of a band in ascendancy are here. Something as well that couldn’t not be noticed was the lack of phones throughout the crowd, this young audience living life in the moment rather than through a screen, and loving every single minute of it. The band, too...

“This is the best fucking night of our lives,” lead singer Henry told the crowd, walking down to the barrier to shake fans by the hand.

Be sure to catch Sea Girls at this summer's festivals, their anthems are made for the biggest of stages.